“The great thing about SAVIGO® is when my paddy reached four weeks or one month, my paddy looked healthy and grew more than 50 tillers.”

Pak Tam,
Kg Alor Sekawan, Kedah
SAVIGO® & BoostaMAX™

“I used SAVIGO® and BoostaMAXTM for two seasons. I got 35% increase in yield. After using these products, I see the leaves were healthier and shinier. The leaves looked greener.”

Puan Hamidah,
Simpang Lima, Selangor
SAVIGO® & BoostaMAX™

“The paddy still healthy and green compared to the control plot where the paddy panicles are already yellow.”

Malang, Indonesia.
SAVIGO® & BoostaMAX™

“After I used SAVIGO®, I saw significant differences; more paddy seedlings grown, the roots are stronger, and the paddy leaves hardly attacked by diseases. For the next season, I will add SAVIGO® to my other paddy lots.”

Mohd Ameruddin Ismail,
Sungai Nonang, Tebengau, Kedah

“I have been using SAVIGO® for 3 seasons.  Before I use SAVIGO® and BoostaMAXTM, my paddy field soil is acidic. So, whenever I started to sow the seeds, they won’t grow. After the application of SAVIGO® and BoostaMAXTM, with the right dosage and application as recommended, my paddy yield increased by 2 tons.”

Muhamad Najhan Ahmad,
Padang Hang, Alor Setar, Kedah
SAVIGO® & BoostaMAX™

Breaking News! Can Barren Land Become
Fertile Again?



Can barren land become fertile again? Let’s watch our special report about a dead land at Bukit Seni, Pendang, Kedah, Malaysia. It has been barren for 10 years. At the land owned by Mr Azraii Baharom, no paddy can grow for 20 seasons after it is mounded with soil from a hill nearby.



“The chilies are longer, bigger and straight. The leaves are greener, wider and not curly.”

Afiq Hazwan,
Naka, Pokok Sena, Kedah
SAVIGO® & BoostaMAX™ 2

“I didn’t expect the chilies to grow this many until the branch broke because it cannot bear too many chilies. All shoots have flower and become Chillies.”

Encik Shafik,
Lokasi: Kg Simpang 4 Kuar, Jerlun
SAVIGO® & BoostaMAX™ 2


“After the application of SAVIGO® & BoostaMAX™, the plant grew bigger, increased resistance towards diseases, the yield doubled up and sales revenue increased by three times.”

Location : Desa Tieng, Wonosobo, Indonesia
SAVIGO® & BoostaMAX™


“There were a lot of tomatoes grew and the quality of the tomatoes are also better.”

Location: Indonesia


“After I used BoostaMAX™ 1 & 2, the cucumbers that grew are all in big sizes and the yield quantity is also a lot!

Location : Kedah, Malaysia
BoostaMAX™ 1 & 2


“I am very surprised as I did not expect the fruit to be abundant like this. The leaves are much healthier and greener compared to previous plant condition.”

Location : Kubu Karo, Indonesia
BooskaMAX™ 1 & 2

Title: Hasil panen kopi lebih dua kali lipat
dengan penggunaan BooskaMAX™
Lokasi : Kecamatan Sumber Salak Kabupaten Jember
Nama Petani : Bpk. Taufik
Tanaman : Kopi
Jenis : Robusta
Aplikasi BMX 1 : 1 Maret 2021
Pupuk dasar : Tidak ada
Frekuensi : 1 x BMX 1 dosis 100 ml


“After I used BoostaMAX™ 2, the number of guavas growing is more than the previous harvest. That’s why I ordered one carton of BoostaMAX™ 2.”

Poksu Din,
Location : Kg Pulau Semut, Kelantan
BoostaMAX™ 2


“The size of the pineapple is bigger, has juicy flesh and the taste is sweeter than the one planted before.”

Ahmad Ramadzan,
Location : Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
BoostaMAX™ 2


“The durian yield increased, the size of fruits is bigger and the flesh is more fragrant and creamier. The plant looks healthy with dark green leaves indicating fertility.”

Location : Raub, Pahang, Malaysia


“More flowers appeared than usual resulting in plenty of fruits. The leaves look healthier.”

Location : Indonesia
BoostaMAX™ 1 & 2


“The flowers have vibrant colours with abundant quantity of flowers. Its leaves appeared thick and rubbery. The leaves are also uniformly green.”

Location : Kedah, Malaysia
BoostaMAX™ 1


I’m so amazed with the difference! Look at how big my carrot is in comparison to the control plot. The colour of leaves are so much greener as well. I am exceptionally satisfied with the result. This product is a saviour for my farm!

Arijona Sembiring
Location: Indonesia
BoostaMAX™ 1 & 2


Bapak Afan
My corn plantation is free from corn
rust! That was a huge problem for me.
After using these products, the corn
size increased, and the growth is
much more uniform. Absolutely

Location: Indonesia
BoostaMAX™ 1 & 2

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