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BoostaMAX™ 2

Super foliar plant extract fertilizer (Yield Booster)

Click to watch our testimonial videos

BoostaMAX 2™

Super foliar plant extract fertilizer (Yield Booster)

BoostaMAX™ 2 is an ORGANIC plant-based foliar fertiliser that is formulated with PhotoXcel technology utilising Activated Organic macro and micro-nutrients, advanced catalyst nano-biotechnology and non-ionic adhesives intended to supply wide ranges of nutrients and bio-stimulants to maximise yield production, producing high-quality yield production as well as maintaining plant fertility. Ian economic and effective foliar fertiliser, as the key nutrients and bio-stimulants are absorbed rapidly through the leaf cell walls and into the plant for immediate use to achieve uniform ripening/hardening of fruits and grains filling phase as well as a better finisher fertiliser for vegetable crops. Unlike other foliar products, it is natural and non-toxic to the plant.

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Suitable For:

All Types of Grain

All Types of Vegetables

All Types of Fruits

All Types of Tubers

What BoostaMAX™ 2 can do:

  • Maximise fruit production.
  • Increase the weight of fruits.
  • Produce high quality fruit. 
  • Maintain the plant fertility state.
  • Vitalise and promote flowers & fruit formation.
  • Strengthening the plants’ natural defense.
  • Doubling up nutrient absorption rate.
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